There are lots of ways that children can continue what they have learnt in school at home.  The links below will take you to sites containing a variety of learning opportunities within Newham. There are also links to websites that can support children's learning in a variety of subjects.

New to Reception - information for Parents

Reception Coffee morning

Leisure Centres - Young people are able to partake in a range of activities and develop skills and abilities.

Libraries - Children are encouraged to join up and participate in after school clubs and holiday reading schemes.

Sports - Newham offers a range of indoor and outdoor sporting opportunities

Scouting - Children 6+ can participate in a range of skills to develop physically, emotionally and socially.

Girl Guiding - Girls can start as a Rainbow Guide and work their way through the movement.

St John’s Ambulance - Children can join and learn necessary first-aid skills and become a cadet.

Newham Music Trust - Evening events can be attended.  (Please note that some are free and some paid ticket.)

Stratford Circus Theatre - After School and holiday activities can be attended. (Please note that some events charge.)

Active Living Map - This map provides you with a range of activities that run in Newham. It also shows open spaces/ parks.

All Nelson Pupils from years 1 to 6 are enrolled in the Children's University.
Please click on the link to view their latest newsletter.