Nelson is one of the largest Primary schools in the country. We have 4 classes for each year group as well as two part time nursery classes and a total roll of approximately 865 (FTE) . The school has Resourced Provision for 14 pupils with Developmental Language Disorders/Speech Disorders. In addition, we have a number of children whose special educational needs are exceptional and for whom the school is provided with high needs funding.

We pride ourselves in including children with special educational needs in all aspects of school life. All children work together and are provided with support and interventions aimed at developing their skills and accelerating their learning.

We have a sensory room designed for individual and group activities for children with sensory and emotional needs.

Sensory Room


Children with physical needs may have an Occupational Therapy programme in school, while other children may attend Soft Play sessions.

Soft Play


For children with exceptional needs, we provide a range of enrichment activities, including horse-riding, swimming and Music Interaction. We also provide a Life-skills programme for some of our older children to support them as they move towards secondary school and to prepare them for adult life.

Horse Riding


Music Interaction


Life Skills - A Visit to the Lbrary


Enrichment Activities Develop Skills


Learning Through Play

Our pupils come from a range of culturally and socially diverse backgrounds. 71% of our children have English as a second or even third language. Approximately 40 languages are spoken in our school with the main languages being Tamil, Bengali and Urdu. We value each and every member of the school community.