At Nelson Primary School we have an active School Council which is made up of pupils from Year 2 to year 6. The council meets weekly. Meetings are led by the chair person (a year 6 rep) and are minutes are taken by the secretary (another year 6 rep). The aim of the School Council is to give pupils a voice in relation to school improvement.

How to be a good learner
Y ear 6 school council representatives premiered their film 'How to be a good learner' this week in front of an audience of teachers. All members of the school council have been working on the film since September. First they thought about what made a good learner. They then created a storyboard for the film, practised scenes and then started filming. They then decided on the music and text that they wanted to add to the film.

Finally the year 6 reps edited and produced the film ready for viewing. The film will now be shared with the whole school. Watch it here!

What do we do?
Our aim is to give pupils a voice in matters relating to school improvement. In previous years, we have organised a Lost Property day and Italian Day in the dinner hall. We were instrumental in acquiring water bottles in the classroom and we supported at the summer fete. We have also organised charity fundraising days and have produced a film.