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Supporting your child’s learning

Our pupils love learning and we’d love to help you to find ways of keeping your children educated over the next few weeks. Please look in your child’s pack or on our online platform purple mash.


Your child will be able to see what to do and have on line discussions with their teacher.

Click on the video link below to see instructions on how to use purple mash.

As usual children can do their maths homework on Mathletics


Home Learning

Please click the link below for your child’s year group. This will help you to plan out the learning schedule that fits your family circumstances. We do not want you to feel that our offer is placing an additional burden on your family. Please do what you can when you can, but concentrate first on making sure that your family is safe and happy.

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Optional Activities

Check out the list of activities on the link below.   If you are in year 1 – 6 then you can claim credits for your children’s university passport when you complete an activity with the children’s university symbol next to it.  Save your activities or take a photo and bring them back to school with your passport when we reopen, your passport will then be stamped. There are also some extra music activities that you might want to try. We will also post weekly copies of first news for you to read.

Keeping busy during the holidays

First News

Catch up with the latest edition of First News to find out what’s happening in the world.

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Recorder Lessons




Calling all musicians!

Mr Dye has recorded Senior Wind Band’s latest piece for you to play along with at home. If you’re not in Senior Wind Band, you can still have a go – start with playing the notes you know and find out how to play other notes online. If you play a violin, have a go at the flute part and if you play the cello, try any of the trombone parts.
If you don’t have an instrument at home, drum or sing along.
The two songs are ‘We Built This City’ by Starship and ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi.
Happy music making!

Classic Rock! – Parts

Recorder Club Update
Hello Recorder Club!
I’ve recorded some videos to help you play the two pieces we almost had ready for the Spring Festival!
With La Morisque, you can either play the part you had ready before or stretch yourself and learn part 3 or 4.
To help jog your memory, I’ve recorded The Eye of the Tiger so you can see where to put your fingers and when you’ve got it, you can jam straight away with the backing track!

If you play violin or flute, you could try these too!

La Morisque – Score and parts

Eye of the Tiger Sheet Music