Resourced Provision

Nelson Primary School has a resourced provision for pupils with Developmental Language Disorder/or Speech Disorders. We have 14 resourced places for children for children with DLD/SD. These children are part of their class and receive speech and language therapy delivered by part-time, school based NHS speech and language therapists. These therapists also provide CPD for school staff, as well as practical support and advice for parents and carers.

All children with resourced places are allocated a keyworker who attends some or all of their therapy sessions which is then followed up in the classroom. Speech and language therapy sessions may be individual, in small groups or class based. A wide range of speech and language needs may be addressed through targeted work on speech production, social skills, receptive language and expressive language.

Children in the resourced provision are generally able to access the National Curriculum alongside their peers with additional strategies and activities to address their particular needs. Among our interventions for pupils with DLD/SD are the use of Colourful Semantics, Lego-based Therapy and Intensive Interaction. Where appropriate, children in the resourced provision will be able to use the sensory room, attend soft play offsite and other enrichment activities. Children in the resourced provision will also have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which addresses their specific difficulties as identified at annual reviews.

Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to visit the school prior to admission to see the specialist provision on offer. Once a child has been allocated a resourced place there will be a transition review to discuss a transition programme including additional visits and visual prompts such as a transition booklet. Following admission parents are invited to regular meetings, coffee mornings and workshops with Inclusion Managers, Keyworkers and Speech and Language Therapists.

The school has an ‘open door policy’ in which parents are encouraged to share their views and any concerns with school staff.