Vision and Values

Our School Ethos – Our School Vision

Our aim is to engage our children in an exciting and motivating curriculum that provides the experiences they need to develop skills, concepts and knowledge. A global perspective throughout the curriculum will empower them for their lives today and in the future. Our needs -based  curriculum is designed to provide memorable learning experiences that build on the characteristics of effective learning.

Underpinned by our school values, we provide a wide range of opportunities to enrich learning, both during the school day and beyond. Whether our children join the  school with English as their home language, or whether they learn the English language for the first time, we ensure they are all provided with the teaching and nurture they need. Our aim is to help all children to become independent, resilient learners who relish new experiences and challenges.

We value the diversity of our school community and, while we celebrate and welcome difference, we also provide support for families through our extended school provision, ESOL classes, parenting classes and workshops.

We know we have succeeded when children leave the school with the skills and confidence to reflect, make decisions, and continue on their journey of lifelong learning.

Our School Values

At Nelson Primary School, we are:

We work hard and aim high.

We make decisions and take responsibility for our own learning and behaviour.

We are thoughtful and ask questions; creative and seek new ideas

We take risks and make the most of opportunities.

We are friendly, help others and celebrate difference

We face challenges and never give up, even when things are difficult. We learn through our mistakes.