Vision and Values

Our School Vision

At Nelson Primary School we are committed to the academic, personal, social and emotional  development for all of our pupils. Our environment is engaging and stimulating where inspiring  teaching and enthusiastic learning is paramount.  

In pursuit of excellence, we will always endeavor to demonstrate best practice to promote the  spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical developments of pupils in our school. All pupils  are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of a future in the global  community.  

Our pupils will experience a broad and balanced curriculum, which challenges and extends their  self-discipline, motivation and self-esteem in order to achieve excellence in learning. In  partnership with parents, governors and the local community, pupils from Nelson will become global citizens ready to question, take risks and fulfil their ambitions. 

Our School Values


I am ambitious: I work hard and have high expectations of myself.


I am independent: I make decisions and take responsibility for my learning and behaviour.


I am curious: I ask questions and seek feedback; I am creative and explore new ideas


Adventurous: I take risks and make the most of opportunities.


I am kind: I am friendly, support others and celebrate difference.


I am resilient: I face challenges and never give up; I learn through my mistakes.


I am collaborative: I work well with others and actively participate.