Parents & Carers

Our school is the centre of the local community; everyone who works and studies here ensures that ambitions are inspired and successes are achieved. At Nelson Primary School we know that the children will do their best when their parents, the staff and the children themselves work together. This section of the website is to inform parents about how they can support their child’s education.

If you require more detail please do not hesitate to talk to us; either by telephone, email or in person.


Please inform or call the school office with a message on the first day that your child is absent. Please phone in to school telling us that your child is too sick to come to school. All absences need to be explained by a note or letter on the day your child returns to school.

Term Time Leave

Please note that we are unable to authorise any holidays during term time. Any parent taking their child out of school for a holiday during term time may incur a fine.


School opens at 8.40 am. The doors are opened to children at this time and then closed at 8.50am when the lessons begin. Please ensure that you leave home in plenty of time to get to school at 8.40am.

When children arrive late at school they miss their reading time. This is a vital part of the school day so please ensure that your child is at school on time. 


Please try to make appointments after school or during school holidays so that it does not disrupt their education. If the hospital can only see your child during school hours, you must show the letter or appointment card to the staff in reception so that they can take a copy.

Your child must only take the time for the appointment and then return to school. No child will be allowed to leave the school premises without prior arrangement.

Wrap Around Care

Child care is provided before and after school at a small cost. Please click on the link for further information.

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